About a week ago, I posted this image along with a birthday reflection on Mystic Genius Instagram page talking about forgiveness and I thought it would be great to share it on the blog as well. Here is a bit of what I shared: It’s my birthday so I’m extra reflective this morning. This is […]

Mystic Genius Moment: Truth be told, I don’t know where this post is going.  I initially was going to vent about the election and provide some tips for self-care and preservation. However, it’s three weeks post-election and I’m over it.  I’m tired of being mad about it. I have accepted what is and I have […]

2016 has been pretty shitty. Global and personal turmoil abound and there are lots of endings making way for new beginnings. Overall discomfort and feelings of “what next?” may have you filled with anxiety, discomfort and confusion while simultaneously feeling that “now is the time to truly live my life.” All of this uncertainty may […]

For the longest time, I knew things were shifting and ending in my life. I knew that I was being called to start over. Again. I would reach out to my Guides like OK- what’s next and would get radio silence. They are a chatty patty bunch, but when it came to my next, they […]

In the Episode 2, Evelyn shares her insights about how to experience more self love in the age of distraction. Below, find the near same transcript of the podcast along with the personal challenge. Transcript: Earlier this year, I was invited to give a talk at a local event celebrating all things Black Love. My […]

A lot of us are entrepreneurs, practitioners, or creators of some type. We are trying to build something, get ahead in life and help others along the way. We spend money with different life & business coaches, healers, health and wellness practitioners, consultants, strategist and experts in the name of investment in our personal, work, […]

Disclaimer: This is my personal observation and personal judgment. There is no right or wrong on this, it’s how I feel. This is in line with what I wrote in this blog post two years ago. New Age spirituality proclaims love and light, that we must love our brothers and sisters as we love ourselves […]

In the coming times, as we get closer to the election, the stakes are going to be high. The energy is going to be wiry. The planets are going to act a damn fool. Emotions are going to run high. Everyone- unless you are a part of the walking dead is- going to be on […]

Welcome to the first episode of the Lightning Rod Podcast- sponsored by MysticGenius.com and hosted by me- Evelyn Bandoh.  In this first episode: You Are Not Going Crazy. You Are Being Invited to Evolve! – Evelyn provides listeners with insight as to why they might “feel like they are going crazy,” and why they may […]

Something to consider: When we are feeling stuck in some, many of all aspects of life, it’s time to examine how we might be getting in our own way. I find when I feel my most stuck in life, there is some part of me that is not as open as I need to be […]